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科目 Class 開講期 Semester 学部/研究科 Faculty/Graduate School 担当 Instructor
遺伝学 I Genetics I 前期 Spring 農学部 Fac. Agriculture 那須田 Nasuda
遺伝学Ⅱ Genetics II 後期 Fall 農学部 Fac. Agriculture 宮下 Miyashita
資源生物科学概論 Outline of Bioresource Science 前期 Spring 農学部 Fac. Agriculture 宮下 Miyashita
遺伝学特論 Ⅱ Advanced Genetics Ⅱ 前期 Spring 農学研究科 Grad. Sch. Agriculture 宮下 Miyashita
植物遺伝学専攻演習 Seminar in Plant Genetics 通年 Year long 農学研究科 Grad. Sch. Agriculture 那須田・宮下 Nasuda, Miyashita
植物遺伝学専攻実験 Research in Plant Genetics 通年 Year long 農学研究科 Grad. Sch. Agriculture 那須田・宮下 Nasuda, Miyashita
資源植物科学演習 Seminar in Plant Resource Science 通年 Year long 農学部 Fac. Agriculture 那須田・宮下 Nasuda, Miyashita

遺伝学セミナー Genetics Seminar

毎週火曜日 Every Tuesday、10:30-12:00
農生棟2階 共通スペース At Lounge, 2nd Floor, Agric. Biosci. Building

2018年度後期 Fall 2018

日時 Date 発表者 Speaker 紹介論文 Title of the paper
2018/10/2 吉岡 Yoshioka
2018/10/9 村田 Murata
2018/10/16 島崎 Shimazaki
2018/10/23 那須田 Nasuda
2018/10/30 宮下 Miyashita
2018/11/6 吉岡 Yoshioka
2018/11/13 村田 Murata
2018/11/20 島崎 Shimazaki
2018/12/4 村田 Murata 研究進捗状況報告 Progress Reports
2018/1/8 島崎・村田・吉岡 Shimazaki, Murata, Yoshioka 研究進捗状況報告 Progress Reports

2018年度前期 Spring 2018

日時 Date 発表者 Speaker 紹介論文 Title of the paper
2018/4/17 吉岡 Yoshioka Unleashing meiotic crossovers in hybrid plants
2018/4/24 村田 Murata A Kinesin-14 motor activates neocentromeres to promote meiotic drive in Maize
2018/5/1 島崎 Shimazaki Whole-genome sequencing of Atacama skeleton shows novel mutations liked with dysplasia
2018/5/8 那須田 Nasuda Licensing MLH1 sites for crossover during meiosis
2018/5/15 宮下 Miyashita Transgenerationally Precipitated Meiotic Chromosome Instability Fuels Rapid Karyotypic Evolution and Phenotypic Diversity in an Artificially Constructed Allotetraploid Wheat (AADD).
2018/5/22 吉岡 Yoshioka wtf genes are prolific dual poison-antidote meiotic drivers
2018/6/5 島崎 Shimazaki Changes in the position and volume of inactive X chromosomes during the G0/G1 transition.
2018/6/12 那須田 Nasuda A selfish genetic element confers non-Mendelian inheritance in rice.
2018/6/19 宮下 Miyashita Evolutionary Epigenomics of Retrotransposon-Mediated Methylation Spreading in Rice.
2018/6/26 村田 Murata Phenotypic diversification by enhanced genome restructuring after induction of multiple DNA double-strand breaks.
2018/7/10 島崎・村田・吉岡 Shimazaki, Murata, Yoshioka 研究進捗状況報告 Progress Reports

2017年度後期 Fall 2017

日時 Date 発表者 Speaker 紹介論文 Title of the paper
2017/10/3 小池 Koike Dynamic Organization of Chromatin Domains Revealed by Super-Resolution Live-Cell Imaging.
2017/10/10 那須田 Nasuda Global Analysis of Gene Expression in Response to Whole-Chromosome Aneuploidy in Hexaploid Wheat.
2017/10/17 宮下 Miyashita The Rice Paradox: Multiple Origins but Single Domestication in Asian Rice.
2017/10/24 島崎 Shimazaki Gametocidal Factor Transferred from Aegilops geniculata Roth Can Be Adapted for Large-Scale Chromosome Manipulations in Cereals.
2017/10/31 吉岡 Yoshioka A spontaneous mutation in MutL-Homolog 3 (HvMLH3) affects synapsis and crossover resolution in the barley desynaptic mutant des10.
2017/11/7 村田 Murata Architectural alterations of the fission yeast genome during the cell cycle
2017/11/14 酒井 Sakai Control of DEMETER DNA demethylase gene transcription in male and female gamete companion cells in Arabidopsis thaliana.
2017/11/21 山田 Yamada A TRIM insertion in the promoter of Ms2 causes male sterility in wheat.
2017/12/5 那須田 Nasuda Sequencing of Single Pollen Nuclei Reveals Meiotic Recombination Events at Megabase Resolution and Circumvents Segregation Distortion Caused by Postmeiotic Processes
2017/12/12 宮下 Miyashita Evolution of the Banana Genome (Musa acuminata) Is Impacted by Large Chromosomal Translocations.
2017/12/19 島崎・小池・村田 Shimazaki, Koike, Murata 研究進捗状況報告 Progress Reports
2017/12/26 酒井・山田・吉岡 Sakai, Yamada, Yoshioka 研究進捗状況報告 Progress Reports

2017年度前期 Spring 2017

日時 Date 発表者 Speaker 紹介論文 Title of the paper
2017/4/11 オリエンテーション Orientation
2017/4/18 吉岡 Yoshioka MATRILINEAL, a sperm-specific phospholipase, triggers maize haploid induction.
2017/4/25 村田 Murata The intron in centromeric noncoding RNA facilitates RNAi-mediated formation of heterochromatin
2017/5/9 酒井 Sakai A chromosome conformation capture ordered sequence of the barley genome.
2017/5/16 山田 Yamada A Novel Imprinted Gene NUWA Controls Mitochondrial Function in Early Seed Development in Arabidopsis
2017/5/23 那須田 Nasuda Selective Y centromere inactivation triggers chromosome shattering in micronuclei and repair by non-homologous end joining.
2017/5/30 宮下 Miyashita Signatures of adaptation in the weedy rice genome.
2017/6/6 島崎 Shimazaki Mapping the ‘breaker’ element of the gametocidal locus proximal to a block of sub-telomeric heterochromatin on the long arm of chromosome 4Ssh of Aegilops sharonensis
2017/6/13 吉岡 Yoshioka Epigenetic Regulation of the Sex Determination Gene MeGI in Polyploid Persimmon
2017/6/20 山田 Yamada Maternal Gametophyte Effects on Seed Development in Maize
2017/6/27 酒井 Sakai Both maternally and paternally imprinted genes regulate seed development in rice.
2017/7/4 村田 Murata Stable Polycomb-dependent transgenerational inheritance of chromatin states in Drosophila
2017/7/11 島崎・小池・村田 Shimazaki, Koike, Murata 研究進捗状況報告 Progress Reports
2017/7/18 酒井・山田・吉岡 Sakai, Yamada, Yoshioka 研究進捗状況報告 Progress Reports

2016年度後期 Fall 2016

日時 Date 発表者 Speaker 紹介論文 Title of the paper
2016/10/4 那須田 Nasuda Male-killing symbiont damages host’s dosage-compensated sex chromosome to induce embryonic apoptosis.
2016/10/11 宮下 Miyashita Strong maternal effects on gene expression in Arabidopsis lyrata hybrids.
2016/10/18 小池 Koike Autophagy in plants – What’s new on the menu?
2016/10/25 村田 Murata Arabidopsis Type II phosphatidylinositol 4- kinase PI4Kγ5 regulates auxin biosynthesis and leaf margin development through interacting with membrane-bound transcription factor ANAC078.
2016/11/1 酒井 Sakai Genomic architecture of heterosis for yield traits in rice.
2016/11/8 山田 Yamada A tomato vacuolar invertase inhibitor mediates sucrose metabolism and influences fruit ripening.
2016/11/15 吉岡 Yoshioka Point mutation impairs centromeric CENH3 loading and induces haploid plants.
2016/11/29 那須田 Nasuda Engineered non-Mendelian inheritance of entire parental genomes in C. elegans.
2016/12/6 宮下 Miyashita Genomic analysis of 6,000-year-old cultivated grain illuminates the domestication history of barley.
2016/12/13 小池 Koike Extremotolerant tardigrade genome and improved radiotolerance of human cultured cells by tardigrade-unique protein.
2016/12/20 小池・村田・酒井 Koike, Murata, Sakai 研究進捗状況報告 Progress Reports
2016/12/27 山田・吉岡 Yamada, Yoshioka 研究進捗状況報告 Progress Reports
2016/1/10 村田 Murata Concerted copy number variation balances ribosomal DNA dosage in human and mouse genomes
2016/1/24 酒井 Sakai Wheat Fhb1 encodes a chimeric lectin with agglutinin domains and a pore-forming toxin-like domain conferring resistance to Fusarium head blight.

2016年度前期 Spring 2016

日時 Date 発表者 Speaker 紹介論文 Title of the paper
2016/4/12 オリエンテーション Orientation
2016/4/19 村田 Murata MicroProtein-mediated recruitment of CONSTANS into a TOPLESS trimeric complex represses flowering in Arabidopsis.
2016/4/26 酒井 Sakai A whole-genome, radiation hybrid mapping resource of hexaploid wheat.
2016/5/10 山田 Yamada 卒論研究の内容紹介 Presentation of his undergraduate study
2016/5/17 吉岡 Yoshioka Catastrophic chromosomal restructuring during genome elimination in plants.
2016/5/24 那須田 Nasuda Spatiotemporally dynamic, cell-type–dependent premeiotic and meiotic phasiRNAs in maize anthers.
2016/5/31 宮下 Miyashita North-south colonization associated with local adaptation of the wild tomato species Solanum chilense.
2016/6/7 小池 Koike PIWI-interacting RNAs: from generation to transgenerational epigenetics.
2016/6/14 村田 Murata High-resolution mapping of crossover and non-crossover recombination events by whole-genome re-sequencing of an avian pedigree.
2016/6/21 酒井 Sakai Optimization of crop productivity in tomato using induced mutations in the florigen pathway.
2016/6/28 山田 Yamada Characterization of DNA methyltransferase and demethylase genes in Fragaria vesca.
2016/7/5 吉岡 Yoshioka Protein phosphatase 4 promotes chromosome pairing and synapsis, and contributes to maintaining crossover competence with Increasing age.
2016/7/12 小池・村田・酒井 Koike, Murata, Sakai 研究進捗状況報告 Progress Reports
2016/7/19 山田・吉岡 Yamada, Yoshioka 研究進捗状況報告 Progress Reports